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Industrial automation is the future. Secure your future with ACS now.

Main Priority: You

Our aim is to make you our main priority. We do that by delivering a quality 24/7 service with fast turnaround, exceptional quality, unparalleled customer service and competitive pricing.

A Holistic and Proven Service

With a proven record of successful projects, complexities do not surprise us. This confidence is rooted in our specialty in the whole process of automation. We have dedicated experts that cover every aspect of industrial automation, from start to finish to continuous improvement.

Dedicated to Continuous Training

We provide a first class workforce that is trained beyond current industry standards. In addition, you are assured that the team will deliver work that complies with legislation on standards for health and environmental management.

A Company with Values

We put a premium on having strong company values. We are adamant in our commitment to delivering high quality workmanship that is always completed on time and within budget. As a rule, we take responsibility for every action we make.

A Little About Us

Automated Control Solutions is one of the leading industrial automation companies in Australia. This company has achieved success thanks to the hard work and expertise of our dedicated people. Automated Control Solution’s projects result in enormous savings of both time and money for its clients. Learn more about ACS here.

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