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ACS is a leader in proving automation solutions to the manufacturing and food processing industries. With a strong background in engineering and electrical process control systems ACS has completed projects across a wide range of fields which enable us the knowledge to complete plant audits that focus on improvement, production, safety and process monitoring.

Our involvement in plant audits has helped our clients identify key areas for improvement and allow managers to access information in an easy to analyse graphs that gives them information in real time on process output, downtime and equipment efficiency (OEE).

Once the audit is completed ACS can the help with the design, installation, safety upgrade and improvement plan. Contact us for the following:

  • Operation Reports
  • ROI for projects
  • Process Line Upgrades
  • Safety System Audits
  • Plant and Equipment Audits
  • Production Schedules
  • Process equipment and layout
  • Efficiency OEE Reports

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