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Energy Efficiency

At ACS, we recognize energy efficiency projects must by definition utilize more efficient designs and technologies. ACS staff have the experience to identify the best energy saving opportunities for your building and facility while also providing the engineering, installation, product procurement and project management for the project. Additionally, we focus on the “why” to help equip decision makers with a detailed financial analysis.


Energy Engineering

At ACS, we believe that energy efficiency does not have to be an afterthought once a facility, building or project has been complete. The best point to incorporate energy efficiency is by using energy-focused engineering services at the time of initial design. At ACS, our team of experienced engineers and partners allows us to provide quality world class engineering services and design with an emphasis on energy reduction. Our engineering offerings are broken down into three primary components:

  • Energy Audits and Assessments
  • Design/Build and Owner’s Representative Services
  • Mechanical and Electrical Design Engineering


Energy Management

Many of our clients have expressed a common need to address their energy consumption and identify issues within their facilities. Understanding complex utility rate structures and energy utilization, implementing an energy monitoring system, and interpreting all of the results can be quite a daunting task. We at ACS understand this obstacle and have developed a dynamic program including but not limited to providing periodic building and facility walkthroughs, review of changes in energy use, all to assist our clients in the area of continual energy management.


Annual Pro Active Energy Management Services

For our clients that are looking for a partner with sophisticated advanced energy management, we offer an annual service agreement to serve as an extension of their energy team. This allows for many of the responsibilities of an energy manager to be performed without having to commit to an additional employee and the costs of salary and benefits. Each service agreement is designed around the specific goals and requirements of each client to ensure they get what they need without any unnecessary services.

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