Service and Maintenance Team

Electrical and Automation projects are complex by nature. We understand that, despite meticulous planning, there can be very real and significant cost and time implications should things go wrong.

Our highly skilled Service and Maintenance Team is on standby to resolve unforeseen problems or breakdowns with speed and efficiency. Prevention and planning are fundamental to avoid costly breakdowns or delays caused by urgent maintenance requirements or employee absence.

With this in mind, we have structured our team so that it provides for both essential and proactive service and maintenance needs.

Breakdown Services

Breakdowns are never convenient and always impact a business’ bottom line. We understand time is of the essence, so when a breakdown occurs, we have an experienced team on standby to help. We will get you back up and running and will do whatever it takes to make this happen as quickly as possible.

We pride ourselves on fixing problems correctly and always focus on long-term solutions. We do not take shortcuts. We fix your problem as if it were our own – with the highest quality, most reliable solution possible.

Electrical Coverage

As with any business, there are times when your employees may be unavailable: shifts, holidays or unplanned absences. Or you may require additional cover during a high-load period. Our Electrical Coverage service team will provide you with the skill and service you need until your team is fully operational again.

Maintenance Services

From general and preventative maintenance to essential shutdowns, our experienced team will provide reliable maintenance services for your operations. We understand the importance of keeping shutdown maintenance to a minimum. We work to deliver quality services with optimum efficiency, which will enable your business to return to normal operation in the shortest feasible time.

General Services

Our general services are split into three different, but essential roles:

Planned: Whether you need to move a powerpoint or install a new light, we will happily manage any planned electrical needs.

Proactive: When machines or systems breakdown, unfortunate delays can occur while parts are sourced. Any delay can have a costly impact on production or operations. We help reduce the risk of lost time by recommending, sourcing and supplying critical parts, to prepare you in case of a breakdown.

Safety and Lighting Audits: We will help you to maximise savings and operational efficiencies with a detailed audit of safety and lighting and provision of recommendations.

Testing and Tagging Services

Testing and tagging is a statutory Workplace Health & Safety requirement to protect the safety of employees. Failure to meet these requirements will result in possible shut down and significant loss of productivity.

We offer a peace of mind testing and tagging service so you can entrust the fulfilment of statutory requirements to us. Our convenient ‘set and forget’ service enables you to focus on your business as we provide trusted reminders every time a test and tag is due.