Projects Team

Every business has different production requirements, operational needs and desired outcomes. With growing demands for efficiency, automation has become the preferred choice for many industries. It enables them to meet previously unattainable targets and secure their business future.

Our extensive experience in this highly technical field paired with our aptitude for logic and problem solving has enabled us to deliver amazing results in many industry sectors.

We plan, develop and manage the entire automation process from concept to implementation and evaluation. Whether you have a clear idea of your business requirement or you need a reputable and realistic recommendation from the outset – we can help.

Such significant operational changes require truly smart concepts, along with precise project planning and highly practical service experts to implement them. As such, we adhere to a strict and considered process:


We are open to discussing your budget and will provide realistic recommendations and solutions based upon it. Our goal is to ensure an effective project ROI


In this initial stage we observe, we listen, and we think. We gather information and form ideas. A comprehensive plan is formulated and tested rigorously to ensure it is robust enough to meet your needs.


Our recommendations are presented and discussed with you until you feel confident that the proposal meets your needs exactly.


The planning and design stage is critical – and it’s where our passion lies. Every detail is scrutinised, problems become solved and ideas are set in motion. Diagrams are charted and numbers are crunched to perfection.

Implement and Install

At this stage, your automation project becomes a reality. Our team will arrive onsite and work for as long as it takes to get it up and running exactly the way it was planned.

Train and Educate

The handover of skills and operational knowledge is fundamental to the ongoing operation of your newly automated solution. We have specific training and education processes set up to support you, throughout implementation and after we have gone.


We remain focussed on your project long after installation. We conduct a full evaluation of every project to ensure the original concept has been realised, budgets adhered to, ROI achieved and staff adequately trained. We also remain available to troubleshoot any issues should the need arise.