Environmental Management Plan

Automated Control Solutions Environmental Management Plan is realistic and fairly straightforward. Our plan is to minimise or eliminate the impact that our electrical work has on any environmental factor.

 At its simplest, we are able to implement our Plan the following two ways.

The first is through Management, ensuring that the formal policies that have been developed, i.e. Environmental Protection and Sustainability, Green Office, Community Sustainability are appropriate, realistic and are able to be applied by the tradesman.

The second Way ACS implements our EMP, includes, actual on site observation and participation, our staff have been trained to do this is through Tradesman completing the "on site" self-checking system.

It is mandatory that the self-check system is completed prior to any work commencing; information that is gathered includes but is not limited to:

1.   Outline if any environmental aspects of concern for the site.

2.   Outline their level of risk to the Environment or surrounding Eco system

3.   Environmental protection measures to diminish the identified risk